quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2014

Speed browser simulation - Internet Speed Simulator / Proxy throttler

Speed simulator is a simple throttling proxy which allows you to see how your site behaves under different connection speeds. It was written by me to test AJAX/Flash loaders and see how much my time took to load.You can simulate various speeds like that of a modem or a ADSL.A pre delay function is also there to help simulate delays due to DNS , connection establishment etc.
See the Demo Video to see how it works.
Simply unzip from the archive and double click on it to run it.
Just select the Speed and the Port on which you want Speed Simulator to start on. Once this is done open your favorite browser and set the proxy to and set the port to the select port (default 8080).Now click start in Speed Simulator and open the site that you wish to test.

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